General information 2021


„Never the Man is so beautiful as he is while creating.“


In 1992, was founded a school in Klaipeda, with unconventional and artistic orientation- Klaipeda Humanitarian school, now – Klaipeda Vydūnas gymnasium. There are more than 800 students and about 70 teachers in our gymnasium now. Gymnasium is well known in Lithuania and beyond borders of our country for our achievements in music, arts and other creative areas.

Klaipeda Vydūnas gymnasium is a modern and open for changes organization, which has its own unique educational culture, and yet is in progress of learning. The school helps a person to acquire general and artistic competences, which correspond to primary, basic and secondary education. Gymnasium aims to teach humanistic cultural traditions and values, to form personalities, which are creative and responsible, able to communicate and cooperate, operate effectively in modern society.

Gymnasium activities are determined by the specifics of unique educational system – students’ humanistic culture education through artistic activities – implementation. This educational direction is based on an idea, that traits and provisions acquired in artistic activities can be successfully used in other educational subjects, various activities and lifestyle, while enriching them during the process of learning. Students gain skills, such as creativity, teamwork, unconventional thinking, problem solving and freedom of expression. They have a better chance to succeed in various areas as they are becoming active members and creators in cultural life.

One of the gymnasium’ educational directions is – enchanced musical education. In classes of these orientation, students learn about the rich musical world, actively participate in musical activities themselves. The Gymnasium has 5 choirs, Carl Orff instrument, violin and 4 vocal ensembles, students play individually various instruments (the piano, the violin, the flute, the zither, the guitar, the drums, etc.)

Vydūnas gymnasium students are also very active in arranging concerts and musical projects. It became a tradition to share music sounds with people living nearby, having concerts in most prestigious Klaipėda city halls, churches, Arts Academy. Our choir gives concerts not only in Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Kretinga, Šiauliai, Raseiniai),but also in the other countries (Czech Republic, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, France, Germany, etc.). Gymnasium’ children’s choir and mixed choir are winners of a lot of competitions. Our school is proud of vocal and instrumental ensembles, which are the winners of Lithuanian competitions, like “Dainų dainelė“, „Giest lakštingalėlis“ and others.

The artistical activity of gymnasium’s art class students is highlighted in different fine art techniques, showing beauty of landscapes. Students can choose the artistic way of what they want to do: ceramics, painting, graphics, drawing, graphic design and etc. There are many presentations and exhibitions about the work students did in our gymnasium. School’s exhibitions are also presented in other cultural places of Klaipeda. Our education of art goes way further than walls of Vydunas gymnasium: educational programs are kept in museums, art galleries, libraries etc. Pupils participate in international, republican and local contests, exhibitions, actions, projects. There are winners of  international contests among our pupils.

Classes related to theatre were opened in gymnasium at 2015. The students, who want to improve their acting skills, are invited to enter. In this way, communication, cooperation, creativity, teamwork skills, self-expression are also trained. Students are taught the basics of public speaking, acting and pantomime and use it at school shows, various events, projects, in classroom and extra-curricular activities. Their performances are also demonstrated in other educational institutions, as well as in culture related areas in the city.

Abilities, acquired in the process of art education, allow us to succeed more often even in the general education subjects. These abilities promote the formation of teamwork skills, capability of solving the problems in creative way, ambition to get better academic results. Special attention is given to the work with capable and learning difficulties possessed pupils in gymnasium, focusing on the improvement of the lessons quality, enhancing qualification of teachers, applying up-to-date methods of education and translation. The national achievement tests and exam results of gymnasium are ahead of Republican average and students of ‘talent’ are always pleasing our school with achievements not only in artistic, but also in philological, foreign languages, social sciences contests, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other contests. The entire school’s educational process brings together a unique cultural atmosphere, where each student can find their place, and the way to succeed.